Marquel Russell is a client success story junkie and the secret weapon for entrepreneurs who want to create automated systems that attract an endless flood of clients that come to you on daily basis ready to pay you top dollar.

He’s known for delivering the highest returns on investment to his clients(upward of 1,110.76 percent) and has a list of Success Stories that’s as long as the line at a Jay-Z and Beyonce’ Concert which have collectively equaled Millions of Dollars in New Revenue(his goal is $100 Million in revenue for his clients over the next 5 years).

When he isn’t traveling the world with his family, watching cartoons with his two youngest kids, playing video games with his older kids or empowering inner city at risk youth, Marquel now spends his working time helping his clients apply his time tested and proven methods designed to help them rapidly grow their income and build businesses that gives them true time and financial freedom while making the world a better place.


Actionable strategies and tactics you can use to grow a wildly profitable virtual coaching or consulting business and attract high paying clients for your business without relying on “hustle” and luck …which are usually followed by(if you qualify):

An opportunity for us to work closely together so I can help you get your desired results FASTER.

Can you believe I just told you flat out that you’re going to receive offers to work with me and my team? Well, why wouldn’t I tell you?

Here’s the deal with me…

Unlike most “internet marketing gurus” you won’t see consistent pitches for any low end products that just create more confusion and overwhelm.

I used to do that because that’s what everyone else was doing and we did very well using that model.

However, what I’ve found is that people just want to go from Point A to B as fast as possible and you’re not going to get there from just going through course after course.

Believe me when I say that there is a shortcut and an easier way.

It’s with Mentorship from somebody who has a proven system and who has actually done it.

I get that working with my team and I isn’t for everybody because we’re not a cheap date and we don’t take excuses from my clients because we’re committed to their success…

So for those who aren’t ready to work with me and don’t meet the qualifications, I do have a very popular and extremely valuable podcast, Results Over BS, where I deliver insights strategies and tactics you can use immediately.

*The insights, strategics and tactics I share on this podcast are actually more valuable than the stuff the “gurus” try to charge you thousands of dollars for (and I say that as humbly as possible, kinda).

The idea is you’ll say, “Man, this free stuff really helped me. I think I’ll go ahead and work with Marquel and the team so I can get to my goals even faster.”

Pretty simple, right?

Here’s why I do it…

What I’ve found is the best way to show people you can help them is just by simply helping them!

How The HECK Did I Get Here?

I started my “Internet Marketing” career in 2011 by selling a network marketing opportunity online.

At that time, I was selling it the old school traditional way, via home and hotel parties.

I knew there had to be a better way.

So one day I was introduced to an ebook, that said there was a way for me to “magnetically” attract distributors for my network marketing opportunity using the internet, and even get paid from the ones that said “NO” (which were most of them).

The ebook was $39 (Yes, for a ebook)

I must have read the sales letter for it 100 times before I bought it.

All throughout the book it talked about how I could attract endless distributors who were eager to join my biz op on auto-pilot by using “Attraction Marketing”(which was just another term for the ancient art of direct response marketing).

My 26 year old brain translated that to mean, “You’ll get rich really fast because people will join your team in droves without you doing anything” …which is exactly what I set out to do.

This book also gave me my first taste of “affiliate marketing” (where you sell someone’s stuff for a commission).

At the end of the book, the author said that I could use his book to attract prospects(other struggling network marketers), and I’d make $20 for every sale I made.

Did it work?


It actually made my first $20 online and I was happier than a chubby kid in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Anyway – this book was just a “gateway drug” because in good ol’ internet marketing fashion it took me down a rabbit hole where I was exposed to more and more products on how to sell online using direct response marketing.

I bought them, listened to them, and was blown away.

Then I bought old books about direct response advertising and read them.

Then I bought more books and courses on copywriting, marketing etc. and read them.

And after three years of trial and error, I finally started to achieve real success online.

So much so that people actually started inviting me to speak at their events and on their webinars to train their people on how to attract customers and clients using digital marketing.

From that point, I decided to start teaching people how I was doing what I was doing to get such amazing results online.

I called it “Becoming The Hunted instead of The Hunter” (mainly because you go from client poverty, chasing and convincing clients to client abundance, having clients chase and convince you).

And that’s how I got my start as a “marketing guru”(well that’s what people call me these days).

I got so good at this “Become The Hunted Vs. The Hunter” strategy, people started paying me a lot of money to teach them how I was doing it.

Fast forward to today and I’ve got customers and clients all over the globe. (Even Liberia, New Zealand, Ireland and Tanzania.)

I’m the “go to guy” for some real big shots(who shall remain nameless) when it comes to online marketing.

I’m also the secret weapon to many entrepreneurs who:

#1. Want to summon an endless flood of new clients for their business daily…

#2. Need help creating their own big ticket offer. Or…

#3. Need help transitioning from low to big ticket so you can enjoy more profit,
Work with better clients, impact more people and enjoy more freedom.

…and combined have now generated millions of dollars online and offline for our clients.

Here’s What I Will Help You With, Specifically

My main focus and superpower is helping coaches create automated systems to attract an endless flood of clients that come to you on daily basis ready to pay you top dollar.

I’m the creator of something called the S.F.M™ Method which is a fancy way of saying, “I’ve mastered the art of helping my clients becoming the Hunted instead of The Hunter and never have to worry about consistently getting high paying clients again.”

It is, in my opinion, the Holy Grail of Building A Business That Creates TRUE Time & Financial Freedom While Making Your Competition(if you want to call them that) Totally Irrelevant.

I also focus on your positioning – which is really a fancy way of saying, “Getting People To Like You Before You Try To Sell Them Something – which makes it easier for them to buy from you.”

I do this by showing you the best way to genuinely help your prospects before they see your offer.

Here’s What I Will Help You With, Specifically

Ok here goes:

Go to my home page and check out my podcast.

If you like some of the episodes, sign up for some of my free trainings.

If they help you, consider applying for our coaching program and let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Pretty simple, right?

Thanks for reading this page now Get 2 It!



“How To Attract An Endless Flood Of New Clients That Pay You Top Dollar…”